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Where the fires met the sea

Basalt columns, Giant’s Causeway… Legend has it that Irish giant Finn MacCool built these spectacular stone pillars, but they were actually created by rivers of molten rock some 50-60 million years ago. Today, the Giant’s Causeway and surrounding coast is a World Heritage Site. Click here to read more about the

Footprints in the sand…

I don’t have time to post, but couldn’t help sharing this sweet family photo…

Sicilian Sunday bake-off

Never argue with a Sicilian when cakes are on the line… Not only is Sicily one of my favourite places in the world, but they also have perhaps the best patisserie. Having been roped into an office bake-off, I couldn’t resist dipping into Sweet Sicily for these

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Inspired by The Wasteland

Nope… Poetry isn’t my forte. Write a poem inspired by, The Waste Land, Sweetly among the Nightingales, How should I cram an octopus into a string bag? Norton’s Anthology gives no instructions, And it is impossible to say what I mean. Sprawling at the windowsill,